About Le Cool

These are not ordinary guidebooks. LE COOL works with local editors, writers, photographers, illustrators and designers to create unique books that truly reflect the experience of each city.

Completely independent, we don't care about the hippest or the latest, we just work to hunt down the most incredible experiences we can find. And we never, ever accept payment or favours in return for content. LE COOL PUBLISHING started in 2003 with a weekly email magazine in Barcelona. It's a funky agenda and a guide to the city's cultural life, a good friend who's always in the know. Now we publish online guides in eight cities around Europe, as well as print magazines and books. This is just the beginning. 
“The travel guide for the been-there, done-that set” New York Times

"The guidebook for people who hate guidebooks" The Guardian 

“Your hippest good friend” The Independent

“Get your hands on one ASAP” Grafik
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